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More Service

Processing qualified, individual and legally compliant reference letters is our forte, and we are happy to have both a diversified team and vast experience to offer additional services in this context. In addition to the outsourcing and processing of reference letters, we offer the following range of services:


  • Would you like to optimize, change or initiate your internal process for reference letters? We provide personal consulting services and/or a comprehensive training package. To give you specific support, we coordinate the contents you require with you beforehand.

  • Do you ever find you have to translate an English job description as part of a German reference letter, or a German job description for an English job advertisement? In this case, we are your professional partner. Our service comprises of translations from German to English, and from English to German. Our certified translators are skilled at providing technical wording for job descriptions, due to their experience in processing reference letters from different industries.

  • Do you need to edit of your official documents (whether in German or English), but don’t want to initiate the process yourself? We are ready to take over this task. Based on our experience with data privacy and confident handling of data with different and up-to-date digital solutions (such as DRACOON, MS SharePoint), we are able to quickly check and edit your documents at no extra effort on your side.

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