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Process Consulting

Optimization of the internal work process for issuing reference letters

The goal: Happy employees and a perfect external company image

We work together to analyze your internal processes and formal stumbling blocks. Amongst others, we take a look at time guzzlers such as non-transparent processes and communication loops, and the option of shorter ways and opportunities for managers and employees to take over responsibility.

The involvement of employees during the process of data collection can be useful, as long as legal aspects are considered. Questioning and analyses of fixed formalities can, for instance, uncover inefficiencies or complications in the process of requesting a reference letter. Furthermore, a particular view on the evaluation sheet or the handling of employees’ complaints could be a central topic.

On the long (or short) road to the final signing of a reference letter, with happy employees as well as a perfect external company image, we are ready to support you with experienced, open and attentive eyes and ears.

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