We provide the service – You reduce your workload

reliable – straightforward – cost-effective

We offer advice and support to HR departments on the individual outsourcing process design. If required, this will include winning over employee representatives and bringing about manager and employee acceptance

Naturally we are able to operate in the background as 'ghostwriter'.

We create reference letters by means of a specially designed evaluation sheet. It has been tried and tested over many years of use and can be adapted to any setting (German/English).

Customized/ widely accepted

Proven evaluation sheet

You can add individual process modules based on your requirements. 

A few examples:

  • We will search your digital personnel files for relevant information about, for instance, career paths and/or advanced training of your employees (while ensuring compliance with data protection at all times)

  • We will send the evaluation sheet to your managers on an individual basis

  • Managers may contact us at any time if they have any questions

  • We will remind managers to fill in evaluation sheets

  • We will take care of updating letter heads etc.

  • All documents are available in German and English; all English reference letters we create are legally compliant and stand up in German courts


More modules are available on request, depending on the process agreed

Add process modules as required

Thanks to our team’s flexibility, we are in a position to take over the entire process of creating reference letters externally at short notice and can handle large amounts of reference letters.

You will receive the reference letter(s) after five

working days (at the latest).

We are always there for you – by phone or per email.

The process – develop, prepare, implement

At the beginning, we, together with you, will design a transparent and straightforward process which is tailor-made for your company and will be widely accepted. In doing so, we will focus not only on requirements, but also on feasibility.

Before you implement the new process in your company, we will capture your company-specific assessment dimensions and integrate them in our evaluation sheet. In order to avoid communication loops, we will request all essential information and data beforehand.


We will provide you and/or your managers with a process description explaining the step-by-step workflow as well as directions on how to fill in the evaluation sheet (available in English and German).

Suitable, straightforward process


time-consuming communication loops

Guideline and

process description available

We offer various EU GDPR-compliant data exchange options, or will employ your preferred option, if different.

The jointly created process can be made up of different modules. For years, however, we have successfully implemented two process paths in particular:

Process Path 1

Your managers are actively involved and can, for example, download the evaluation sheet from the intranet.

The manager fills in the evaluation sheet with all relevant data, ideally by consulting the employee. The manager will then carry out the evaluation on their own.

As soon as move service has received the evaluation sheet, a reference letter is drafted, edited and sent to the manager. If there are any change requests, we will implement them accurately.

move service will send the finalized reference letter back to HR for obtaining signatures and for printing. HR will send the document to the employee.


Process Path 2

The evaluation sheet will be filled in by HR (or move service) with the basic data. Again, the manager will carry out the evaluation on their own.

As soon as move service has received the evaluation sheet, a reference letter is drafted, edited and sent to the manager and/or HR. Any feedback about changes/adjustments will then be implemented accurately.

move service will send the finalized reference letter back to HR for obtaining signatures and for printing. HR will send the document to the employee.


We will find the most favorable way forward for your company through a personal meeting with you. With our long-standing experience in designing outsourcing processes we will effect the greatest possible workload reduction and acceptance within your company.

Your investment

We will prepare a detailed and binding quote for you as soon as we know your scope and conditions.


Please feel free to contact us by phone, or email, or via our contact form.

Quality is a must –

the satisfaction of your employees is at stake

Our team members are thoroughly and intensively trained in all matters pertaining to reference letters, such as reference letter contents, formatting, data protection as well as customer care, and they continuously keep their expertise up to date.


Our reference letters are created individually and comply with legal requirements. Since the texts we use are processed and proofread by mother-tongue international editors, both in German and English, our reference letters comply with orthography and grammar rules.


We therefore guarantee a very high level of quality – without using generators!

Competent, international team members

Individually created, legally compliant

We’ll be more than happy to make time for an in-depth consultation with you!

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       outsourcing arbeitszeugnisse

Das Kerngeschäft von move service ist die Durchführung des reibungslosen Outsourcings von Arbeitszeugnissen für Unternehmen und Konzerne. Wir gestalten mit unseren Kunden einen passenden Prozess, der im Unternehmen einen effizienten Ablauf garantiert. Bei der Umsetzung legen wir besonderen Wert auf inhaltliche und formale Qualität. Datenschutz, Vertraulichkeit und der Umgang mit personenbezogenen Daten nach EU DSGVO sind für uns selbstverständlich.

Arbeitszeugnisse schreiben ist keine Wissenschaft, benötigt jedoch dezidiertes Wissen, um rechtssichere und qualifizierte Arbeitszeugnisse verfassen zu können. Zudem müssen die Verfasser*innen einen sicheren Umgang mit der deutschen Schriftsprache beherrschen.

Um Ressourcen einzusparen und spezielle Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen vermeiden zu können, bietet sich das Outsourcing von Arbeitszeugnissen an. Das Auslagern des Themas Arbeitszeugnisse mit move service ist kosteneffizient und unkompliziert. Wir schreiben individuelle und qualifizierte Arbeitszeugnisse in deutscher und englischer Sprache ohne Verwendung von Zeugnisgeneratoren. Unsere bilingualen Mitarbeiter*innen verwenden beim Bearbeiten von Arbeitszeugnissen rechtssichere Textbausteine und kombinieren diese mit den individuellen Anmerkungen der Führungskräfte. So entstehen Zeugnisse, die einerseits innerhalb eines Unternehmens vergleichbar sind und andererseits individuelle Stärken und besondere Leistungen Einzelner beschreiben und bewerten. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Personalabteilungen und Betriebsräten umfassende Beratung und Training zum Thema Arbeitszeugnisse an. Neben der gemeinsamen Erarbeitung möglicher interner Prozesse zur Zeugnisabwicklung werden inhaltliche Aspekte beleuchtet und diskutiert. Hierzu gehört u. a. auch die qualifizierte Interpretation von Arbeitszeugnissen für z. B. Rekrutierungsmaßnahmen.