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English reference letters

A large number of our customers are international companies which require reference letters not only in German, but also in English. In order to be able to react reliably to the rising demand, we specialized in this area some years ago, and set up a competent and international team of experts.


Our team comprises bilingual professionals, who draft the English documents, and mother-tongue editors, who review them. In this way we make sure that legally-compliant German phrases can be correctly translated for English reference letters.


In the event of legal proceedings and back-translations, this is how we safeguard that the wording of the documents we create corresponds to the wording specified by German labor law at all times. Together with our mother-tongue editors, we have optimized our English texts over the years so that they read fluently. (Any remaining awkward phrases are usually due to complicated and awkward wording in German).


Our evaluation sheet is available in both German and English, so that English-speaking managers are able to work with it comfortably. Furthermore even when the final document is to be created in German, we will, on request, create a preliminary, unedited translation of a reference letter, so that supervisors and/or HR staff can review the details.


Our prices for this can be found in our comprehensive quote.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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