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We take over, you can relax

 fast, flexible, feasible 

They are already relaxing:

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We work for a number of additional companies and corporate groups that do not wish to publish our cooperation (notably in the case of "Ghostwriting").


  • We only make promises we can keep

  • Challenges are openly communicated, and we develop viable solutions together with you

  • Your time is essential to us - we always strive to avoid unnecessary communication loops

  • We guarantee for both German and English reference letters a maximum readability; all authors are either native speakers or bilingual

  • Our expertise in reference letters has matured over the years and is continuously developed

  • We always have in mind the privacy of your data

  • Our charges are fair and transparent

  • We consistently receive outstanding customer feedback


  • For more than 15 years we have created and coordinated custom-fit outsourcing processes for medium-sized enterprises and international corporations

  • By mid-2020, we had created a large number (approx. 45,000) of qualified interim and final reference letters for a great variety of different sectors, such as the chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, IT, High-Tech, gaming, security and market research industries

  • In addition, we process reference letters for both Swiss and Austrian companies

  • Our reference letters – be they for employees or board members – are both differentiated as well as adapted to each role and area of responsibility


  • We consider ourselves fortunate that, we have been able to employ a team of international and professional experts for years

  • All members of our team have been thoroughly trained

  • Reference letters in English are drafted by bilingual professionals and reviewed by mother-tongue editors

  • Each customer has a permanent contact person within our team

  • Due to the flexibility of our employees we are able to guarantee the completion of reference letters by five working days at the latest

Our reference letters are legally compliant, stand up in court and are “handmade in Germany”

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